Please Note: Simple Crafter is no longer being updated. 

Simple Crafter offers tips, tutorials, and inspiration for crafting, by me, Samantha Piette. I am a writer & crafter living in Minnesota with my extremely supportive husband. I love to help people find easier, more simple ways to craft as well as learning new crafts.

Simple Crafter is the result of my love of all things handmade and keeping life simple.

I have been known to have a few too many hobbies and a few too many projects going at one time, but I love every minute of it. Readers are always welcomed and encouraged to contact me via Twitter or email (sam@simplecrafter.com).

Crafting for me started at a very young age.  My Grandmother has always made things and I remember her teaching me how to make little plastic canvas birds. I loved it.  My Mom also crochets, knits, and makes jewelry, so you can say that crafting is in my blood.

I used to make projects on and off as I became inspired, a scrapbook of memories in High School, fabric panels for my bedroom, and countless framed projects (I’ve always had a love for photos) but I didn’t get really into crafting until I was 20 or so and discovered scrapbooking and card making.  It was a great creative outlet to explore while working towards my college degree in engineering.  I could get away from the number crunching and calculations and make a treasured and meaningful scrapbook instead.

As I discovered scrapbooking and card making blogs and resources online, I also discovered other crafts as well as like-minded people.  I soon started my own personal blog to share my creations and started connecting with people all over the world, all of us sharing a love for creating things. Since then, I have added beading, sewing, knitting, home decorating, and baking to my hobbies and I am always adding more.

Simple Crafter is the result of my love of all things handmade and keeping life simple. I strive to design every project and tutorial with the simple crafter in mind.  People like you who want to create handmade items in a simple way, with easy-to-follow instructions.  People who want to be inspired to create their own handmade projects and gifts.  Simple crafts to inspire you to create, made of awesome.

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