Crafty Fonts for your Projects

by Sam

in Tips and Techniques

Fonts and I, we’re pretty much best friends.  Soon, I will get to the point where I am completely over my font limit and I’ll have to part with some of them.  In the mean time though, I view my font library with the eyes of a collector.  Every font I have serves as a reminder of certain projects, scrapbook pages, or maybe they are just beautiful, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used.

These four fonts are directly related to crafting in some way and are perfect for crafting related projects or decor.

Cross Stitch font by Kingthings
Embroidery font byKingthings
Knit font by Honey & D
Zigzag Stitch font by Honey & D

These are for personal use only and available to download for free from Font Space, a great source for thousands of free fonts.

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