Tutorial: 10 Minute Earrings

by Sam

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This is a great project for beginners and will allow you to practice making loops in wires if you have trouble at all.  If you’re not a beginner, these are super quick to whip up. I actually made two pairs in less than 10 minutes.  You likely already have beads you can think to use on these, as well as all the findings to make them right now.


Jewelry Pliers
Round-nose Pliers


2 Earring Hooks
2 Eye Pins
2 Small Jump Rings
2 Large Jump Rings
6 Head Pins
8 Round Colored Beads

Gather your materials.  I used a combination of black and grey beads. Given my wardrobe, there earrings will match nearly everything I wear. The beads are from Crystazzi and are frosted for a really great look.

Insert one of your beads onto one of the eye pins and make a loop at the top.  Do this by bending the top of the pin at a 90 degree angle and then use your round nose pliers to turn the end up in a closed loop.

You will now have a loop on each end with a bead in the middle like this.

Using the eye pins, make three more loops at the top of each bead like you see above.  The black bead will be the focal point bead of the earrings.

Attach one of the jump rings onto the black (focal) bead.

Attach the double end bead to one of the earring hooks as shown.

Open the large jump ring and slip on your three remaining beads, with the focal bead in the middle.  Slip on the bottom of the bead on the earring hook as well, and close it using your pliers.

Repeat this process for the other earring and you have a cute pair of earrings in 10 minutes or less! These would be fun to make for each season: pastel beads in the spring, bright primary colors in the summer and so on.  They are so simple it’s easy to make a lot of pairs.

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