Tutorial: Beaded Wrap Bracelet

by Sam

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If you are new to beading and jewelry making, today’s tutorial is perfect for you. It’s very simple and uses just two materials: beads and wire.  If you are a pro at beading, then this bracelet will take you about 5 minutes to make.  Really, it’s that simple!


Jewelry pliers


6mm Bicone Beads (pack of 18)
6mm Round Beads (I used a pack of 190, but you only need 57)
Bracelet Memory Wire
(about 3 loops)
2 smaller beads for the ends (you could also use bead caps)

I used beads by Crystazzi and have linked to them above.  Of course, you can use any beads you like for this project, these are just the ones I choose.  I love the blue and gray color combination.

The wire is the key to the simplicity of this bracelet.  I used Memory Wire which keeps it’s spiral shape while you work with it.  Regular beading wire is too flexible for this project so be sure to look for some that’s specifically used for bracelets.  You may find another variety used for making necklaces, but these loops will be too large for this project.

First, cut the length of wire you need.  I cut off about 3 loops.  I wanted my finished bracelet to wrap around twice, leaving space to work with on the ends.

Next, loop one end of your wire with your pliers and string on one of your smaller beads which we’ll use just for the ends.

Slide the bead down and tighten the wire around the bead with your pliers.  This bead will be the end of your bracelet and keep the rest of the beads on the wire.

Start stringing on your beads.  I used 3 round beads and one bicone bead and alternated this pattern for the length of the bracelet.

When your bracelet is the length you would like, slide on the second small bead, wrap the wire around like we did in the beginning, and cut the remaining wire.

Isn’t that incredibly simple?  I love the look of this bracelet and think that the colors would be perfect for a wedding or prom.

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