Tutorial: Cupcake Wine Charms

by Sam

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This is such a fun little project. Even if you aren’t crafty at all, you can make these fun wine glass charms. They would make great little hostess gifts for all the holiday parties which are coming up.  They are cute and make it easy to tell who’s glass is who’s at a party.


Jewelry Pliers


Charms or Buttons
Wire Hoops
Seed Beads

Gather your materials.  I used buttons from Dress it Up (which I purchased at Michaels.)  They have a lot of different designs which would all work for this project.

Slide on your seed beads, covering half of the wire loop.

Next, slide on your charm and the rest of the seed beads.  Leave a small (about 1/8″) of exposed wire.

Using your pliers, bend the end of the wire up at a 90 degree angle.  This will keep your beads from sliding off as well as provide a hook to close your charm.

This is what your charm will look like closed.  The wire is simply hooked through the loop at the end, creating a circle.

These are so quick that it’s easy to make a bunch in all different colors.

Since these fun buttons come in different themes, they would be fun to match to the person you are giving them to.   They even have wedding-themed buttons, which would make great charms to give as a wedding or shower gift along with a set of wine glasses.

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