Tutorial: Decorative Trim Headband

by Sam

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A little while ago I was looking around Joann Fabrics for some home decor fabric and I stumbled upon the decorative trim section.  The trims in this section are typically sold my the yard for projects like curtains and pillows and other sewn items for the home.  I thought this this denim colored trim would make a great headband instead.


Sewing Machine (or needle and thread)


Decorative Trim (about a half a yard)
Grosgrain Ribbon
Elastic Tape

Gather your materials.  You only need scraps of the grosgrain ribbon (you could even use fabric instead) and elastic tape.  The length of your elastic will depend on how big you would like your headband, and who you’re making it for.

First, pin the elastic to the end of your trim.  I cut the edge of mine first because it was fraying, so there was a clean edge.

Next, wrap the ribbon around the trim and elastic, sandwiching the elastic.  Fold the end of the ribbon under to eliminate the raw edge.  Repin everything together.

Next, sew around the ribbon in a square.  You can use your sewing machine or hand sew.

I also sewed a diagonal stitch for added strength.  Repeat this process to the other end of your trim, making sure that the length of elastic you are using is appropriate for the size headband you want and that it’s not too loose or too tight.

When I was getting the trim cut the clerk at the store actually commented that it would make a nice belt as well.  There are definitely multiple uses for fun trim like this, and many to choose from in a lot of different colors.  Take a trip to your local fabric store and see what kinds of trim they have to turn into a headband or other accessory.

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