Tutorial: Decoupage Charm Necklace

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This project is great because it’s completely customizable.  I used an old dictionary to decorate my charms, but you could use any paper you’d like.  Scrapbook paper, origami paper, old book pages, or even photos would work great as well.  I love the look of the dictionary pages though, and that I could choose any word I like to use with the charms.


Craft Knife
Nail File
Jewelry Pliers


Tim Holtz Fragments Charms
Glossy Accents
Paper (scrapbook paper, origami paper, book pages, photos)
Necklace Chain
Large Jump Ring

The charms I used, Tim Holtz’s Fragments, come in a pack of 48.  There are 4 each of 12 different sizes and both rounded and square shapes.  They range in size as well, making it a lot of fun to try out different sizes with different papers.  You could easily make 48 charms like this from one package of Fragments.

First, determine how you would like your paper to look on the back of your charm.  The different sized charms work perfectly for getting exactly what you would like on your charm, as sometimes with dictionary pages you may want more or less of the text included.

Next, apply Glossy Accents to the back of your charm.  I applied a small amount around the top, where the hole is, and a thick line down the center of the charm and then spread it around a bit with the tip of the bottle.

Press the charm, glue side down, onto your paper, making sure the glue spreads completely.  It may seep out the sides of the charm as well.  Simply use your craft knife or a scrap piece of paper to wipe the extra off the sides before it dries hard.  You can move the charm around a bit so that you get the exact positioning you would like before the glue begins to set.

Once the glossy accents has dried (it will only take a few minutes) cut around the charm with your craft knife.  Leave about 1/8″ around the charm.  This does not have to be exact, just be sure not to cut too close to the charm just yet.

Using your craft knife, carve out the hole of the charm, cutting away the paper in the hole.  Turn the charm over and, using the coarse side of the nail file, file from the top and down to remove the extra paper around the edges.  The edge of the charm will begin to show through and the paper will fall away once it is filed through.  This is the best, and easiest way I have found to trim the paper to the exact size of the charm.

To finish off the charm, and make it last longer, you may also want to apply a coat of Mod Podge on the back of the charm with a paintbrush.  During this step, avoid getting the Mod Podge on the front of the charm.

Attach a jump ring to the charm using your pliers, slip onto a chain, and you’re done.  Trust me, once you make one of these, you will want to make a hand full more.  You could also make these into key chains, gift tags, charm bracelets, or any other kind of embellishment.

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