Tutorial: Fabric Flower Hair Tie

by Sam

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You have probably seen fabric flowers and fabric rosettes taking over the crafting world lately. It makes sense though, since they are so versatile and cute. You have make them in any color with fabric you have on hand, to match any outfit. This project is perfect if you’ve never made a fabric rosette before, and perfect for summer since I always tend to have my hair up when it’s hot outside.


Scrap fabric
Scrap felt
Hair elastic


Glue gun and Glue
Rotary cutter and Mat (Optional)

Gather your materials and cut the fabric strip that will become your rosette.  I used my rotary cutter and mat, since it is much easier this way, however you can use scissors as well.  My strip of fabric measured 37″ long and 3/4″ wide.  The length of your strip will determine the diameter of your rosette while the width will determine it’s thickness.

Start by folding your fabric strip in half.  I’ve found this is a good way to get a variety of edges to show up in your flower, the raw edges and the folded edge.

Roll the fabric to begin the center of the rosette.  I rolled the fabric a few times and then hot glued it into place.

Next, continue wrapping the folded fabric around and around, twisting the fabric every now and then.  This takes some practice.  You’ll get used to working the fabric around itself and twisting and holding it all in place at the same time.

I dab a bit of hot glue every now and then as I go to hold everything in place and continue wrapping.

Keep twisting and wrapping (with your fabric folded in half lengthwise) until you get the size rosette you would like, or you get to the end of the fabric strip.

When you get to the end, glue down the last inch or so of fabric to hold everything in place.

You should now have a finished rosette in the size you would like to attach to your hair tie.

To attach to the elastic, cut out two circles from a piece of felt.  I just traced a lid to a bottle of spices from my cupboards.  Search around to see what you could trace that would just fit on the back of your rosette.  My circles ended up being about 1 1/4″ in diameter.

Flip your rosette over and apply some glue to the back.

Press down one of your circles to adhere it to the back of the rosette.  This further reinforces the structure of the flower so that it won’t come apart.

Next, apply another layer of hot glue to the first felt circle, and place the elastic across the top.

Place your second circle on top of the elastic and glue, sandwiching the elastic between the two pieces of felt.

When your glue is dry, so is your new fabric flower elastic!

I think I need to make one of every color of the rainbow to use this summer.

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