Tutorial: Fabric Flower Headband

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Last week I posted a tutorial showing you how to make a fun fabric flower.  This week I’ll show you one way to use the flowers by adding them to a simple headband.  The way that I have done this makes the flowers interchangeable as well, so you could make a bunch in different colors and just use one headband and switch out the flowers.


Glue Gun and Glue


Fabric of choice
Needle and Thread
Cardstock (to print template onto)
Thin Headband

The materials in the photo above are to make the entire project.

We’re going to start with the end of last week’s post, where we made a fabric flower with a printable template.  Refer to that post if you’d like to make flowers like the one above for your headband.  You could also apply this method to any other fabric flower or other embellishment for your headband.

You will need to make one more fabric flower for this project.  You could even use three or four if you’d like, since the instructions will be the same from here on.  You will also need a small piece of the matching felt about as wide and as long as the flowers placed side by side.

Turn over each flower and apply some hot glue to the center.

Glue down the flowers side by side on the felt.

Flip the flowers over and trim the felt around the base of the flowers making an oval shape.  Make sure you trim off enough to make the flowers hang over the edge of the felt.  This way you won’t see the felt when the flowers are on the headband.

Next, cut a piece of felt roughly the same size and shape of the first piece of felt.  Fold it in half lengthwise and cut out four notches.  The two notches on the edges should be fairly close to the edge of the piece.  Cut the notches just long enough to fit your headband through.  Mine is pretty thin, so the notches don’t have to be very long.

Apply hot glue to the felt around all the edges and down the center.  Do not apply glue in any other place.  Follow the photo exactly so that your flowers can easily slip on and off your headband.

This is what the underside of your flowers and felt will look like.

Next, slip the headband through the felt, weaving it twice as shown.  This is why you didn’t want to glue the felt down completely.

That’s it!  It would be fun to make different colors for different seasons and be able to wear these year round.  Pastels for spring, blues or red and green for winter, oranges and reds for fall, and Caribbean blues and other bright colors for summer.

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