Tutorial: Fortune Cookie Magnets

by Sam

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When I was growing up my Mom used to take the best of the fortunes from our cookies and put them on the fridge.  They are often fun little reminders that life is good, and that good things are happening.  I now collect them and thought that I would take her idea to the next level and create magnets out of them.  This way they last a little longer, and look fun too.




Magnet Sheet
Mod Podge
Glossy Accents (Diamond Glaze would work well too)

First, adhere the fortune to the non-magnet side of the magnet sheet with Mod Podge.  I used this sheet because it’s what I had on hand, but adhesive backed magnet would work best.

Once the Mod Podge is dry, cut out the fortune from the sheet.  If you get jagged edges from cutting you can file the edges with a nail file.

Next, apply a thick layer of Glossy Accents over your entire piece.  Use the tip of the bottle to work around the edge of the magnet and then fill in the rest of the middle.  If you have ever frosted a cookie with royal icing, this is the same concept.  Try not to move it around much, since this will create air bubbles.  If you do get bubbles, pop them with a sharp pin.

Let the Glossy Accents dry completely, preferable over night.  The thicker the layer you put on the more time it will take to dry.  Though it will be milky when you first put it on, it will dry clear (promise.)

It is best to put your magnets on the fridge when they are about half dry, so that they don’t curl.  If they do curl though, bend them back gently.  You may need to apply some Mod Podge under the paper as it may detach from the magnet when you bend it back.  Put a small amount underneath, press shut, and you’re done.

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