Tutorial: Framed Earrings Display

by Sam

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This project is a lot of fun because it is both decorative and functional. You can make it as big as you would like, using a larger frame, depending on what would fit best in your bedroom or bathroom.


Wire Cutters/Pliers (not pictured)


Wooden Frame
Screw Eyes (15/32″)

When picking out your frame it’s helpful to have a large lip that the photo would sit in.  This allows for the head of the screw eyes to be concealed well, instead of them showing through the frame when it’s hanging.  My frame is an 8×10 wooden frame I picked up at a thrift store for $2.  Pick out the smallest screw eyes you can find at the hardware store.  Mine were 15/16″ and there are 14 in the package for about $1.

First, mark where you would like your wire to be hooked.  Starting at the top, about 1/2″ from the top, mark in increments down the inside of the frame.  I ended up with four wires across about 2.5″ apart, which means I needed 8 screw eyes.  My earrings tend to be pretty dangly, so you can add more or less wires depending on how far apart they are and how large your frame is.

Screw in one of the eyes where you marked on the inside lip of the frame.  I found it easier to do this after first pushing a tack in where I wanted it to be.  Once the hole was there from the tack it was much easier.  I also used my pliers to turn the last few turns.

Make sure your screw eyes are even on both sides of your frame.  If they are not even, a mirror image of each side, then your wire will not be straight and your earrings will slide to one side or the other.

Next, wrap your end of wire around the screw eye.  I wrapped twice through the head and then tucked it back into the frame.  Repeat this step, stringing four pieces of wire across your frame and making sure they are tight and secure.

Next, hang on the wall and hang your earrings on the wires.

I’ve hung about 10 pairs of earrings here but you could use it for many many more.  It’s a perfect way to store your earrings so that they don’t get tangled up in a pile… and it’s pretty too!

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