Tutorial: Jingle Bell Earrings (with a Free Printable Gift Card)

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If you’re looking for a few great gifts to give to girlfriends, teachers, or co-workers this season, this is a perfect tutorial for you. These jingle bell earrings are both quick and inexpensive to make, not to mention cute and festive.


Jewelry Pliers


Small Jingle Bells
Earrings Hooks
Round Beads
Eye pins

Gather your materials.  I used blue bells from my local craft store.  You can find tiny jingle bells for around $3 for about 25 of them in an assortment of colors.  The white beads are from my stash, as are the hooks and pins.  Since the bells were left over from a different project I didn’t have to buy anything additional to make these.

Star by putting the white bead on one of your pins and folding over the wire with your pliers.

Twist up the end of the wire with your pliers.

Keep turning your pliers and working the wire into a circle until it’s completely closed.

This is what your bead will look like when your loop is done.

Open one of the loops with your pliers, add the bell, and close it again.

Next, open the loop on one of your earring hooks and add the charm with the bell, and close it again.

Repeat the same process for the other earring.  I love these blue bells but you can find lots of colors in stores right now.  Red would be great too, as would green with a red bead, or vise versa.

Since this is the gift giving season, I’ve created a free printable for these fun earring cards.  Simply cut them out using your paper trimmer and poke or punch two holes to hang the earrings on the card. (These were recently mailed to my cousins for fun.) View the printable PDF here. Enjoy!

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