Tutorial: Multi-Strand Bracelet

by Sam

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This bracelet is perfect for the summer but it can be adapted for any season or occasion.  The color scheme is completely customizable and you can use any beads you would like.  Since I am really liking the color coral lately, that’s what I built my colors around.  Simply visit your local bead store, pick your favorites, and get to work creating.


Jewelry Pliers
Crimping Tool (not pictured, optional)


Flexible Jewelry Wire
Three different types of beads (one for each strand)
Jewelry Clasp
Jump Rings
Crimping Beads
Bead Cones

To start, cut three lengths of wire about 12″ in length.  This will vary depending on the size of your wrist, however I like to cut a lot more wire than I think I need just in case.  It’s much easier to work with excess wire than not enough.

String your crimping bead and one of the jump rings onto the three strands of wire.  Loop the ends of the wire back, tighten the wire, and crimp the bead to secure it in place.

Trim the ends of your wire if needed and slip your first bead cone through the three strands and over the top of the ends, covering the exposed ends of the wire.

Begin stringing your beads however you would like.

When you get to the end of one strand, tie the end of your wire in a very loose knot to keep the beads from slipping off while working on the other two strands.

Once all three strands are done, repeat the process with your bead cone and crimping bead on the other end.  String on your bead cone, crimping bead, jump ring, and then loop the three strands back through your crimping bead and bead cone.

Crimp and then snip the ends of your wire as close to your bead cone as possible so that the ends are concealed.  Be sure to tighten the different strands of wire as much as you can before crimping so that the wire isn’t loose.  Attach another jump ring (mine is larger than the others) onto the end to hook the clasp and you’re done!

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