Tutorial: Polaroid Banner

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You do not need to go out and buy a Polaroid camera to complete this project.  Use photos you already have on hand to create this fun banner to put anywhere you like.


Photoshop, PSE, or another program which supports actions and templates
Simple Scrapper’s Polaroid Template
Paper Trimmer


Baker’s Twine, yarn, or string
Tiny clothespins

You may edit your photos however you wish, however I wanted a more vintage look for mine.  I used Pioneer Woman’s Vintage Action to age my photos before printing.

To do this, download and load your actions into the photo editing program you are using (these directions may differ depending on your software, I am using Photoshop.)

To apply the action, select it and click the Play button.  Once the action works it’s magic, you will have a very different looking photo, as well as a new set of layers in your layer palette.

For this project I used the black and white version (meaning I would stop here.) You may want your photo to have a vintage feel, but remain colored.  To do this, simply expand the group of layers and click off the layer marked “Orthochromatic B&W.”  This will bring your color back but the remaining layers, which make your photo look vintage, will remain.

Next, insert your new vintage photos into the template.  Find instructions on how to use layered templates as well as video instructions at Simple Scrapper.  Order 4×6 prints of your photos from your favorite printer.

When you receive your prints they will need to be trimmed.

Trim off the bottom strip and cut the remaining piece in half along the gray line between the two photos.  You will now have two cute little Polaroid (or, “fauxlaroid”) images to use in your banner.

Once you have all your photos cut, use a Sharpie to write words on the bottom of each of the prints, as if they were real Polaroid prints.

Tape your twine to the back of the print towards the top and clip the clothespins to each side of the photo.  Repeat this process for as many photos as you would like.

With a little photo editing it’s easy to use “Polaroid” prints in your crafting and decor, no matter which camera you use.

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