Tutorial: Pom Pom Heart Wall Art

by Sam

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There’s nothing I like better than a craft that uses materials and tools I already have on hand. This one is super simple and easy to customize to any color scheme for your home. I used purple and sage green because those are the colors of my craft room.


Yarn (I used Caron’s Simply Soft)
Glossy Accents (but any wet glue will work)
8×10 or 8.5×11 Frame
1 piece of coordinating cardstock


A fork

You won’t need to use an entire skein of yarn, but you will need enough to make 14 pom poms.  You also want to make sure your scissors are sharp and can easily cut through multiple layers of yarn at once.

To make a pom pom, start by wrapping the yarn around the fork.

For my pom poms I wrapped the yarn around about 35 times.  You may need more or less depending on the weight of your yarn.  More will make your pom poms more full, but keep in mind that for this project you won’t be seeing half of the pom pom as it will be glued to the paper, so they don’t need to be too full.

Use a small piece of yarn and knot it through the middle of the fork to secure it.

Cut off the ends of the yarn and snip apart the yarn on either end of the fork.

Once you cut both sides, slide the pom pom off the fork.  It won’t look like a pom pom right off.

Fluff up the yarn and trim around the edges to even up the sides to create a ball.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just give it a little haircut to make everything even.

Once you have 14 pom poms made, arrange them into a heart on your paper so you know everything will fit.  You may want to add more or or take away some pom poms depending on the size you made them (which depends on the weight of your yarn.)  I found that 14 worked well for me using this yarn.

The above photos is a guide to help you understand how I centered the heart and how the shape comes together.  I started with three pom poms in the center and worked my way out to create the shape I wanted.

Flip over your pom pom and apply some glue.  Press firmly onto the cardstock and hold for a few seconds to set the glue.

Unless you have a shadow box with some depth, remove the glass from your frame and insert the cardstock into the frame.

These would be fun to make in pink or blue for a nursery.  I also think that yellow cardstock with gray yarn would be nice too.  Add some rub-ons or other letters to spell your family name or the word love to dress it up even more.

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