Tutorial: Ribbon Headband

by Sam

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This ribbon headband is so simple to make, it will literally take you more time to pick which ribbon to use from your stash than it will to complete the project.


About 20″ of ribbon (for an adult headband)
2 elastic hair ties


Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread

I used a gingham ribbon which is about 1″ wide but any width would work, though I prefer a thicker headband.  It would be fun to use a thinner ribbon though and layer two or three of them in your hair.  The hair ties I used came in a pack of 100 for about $2.

To start, cut your ribbon to about 20″ long.  I originally cut mine too long (at about 22″) and had to cut some off, which is much better than cutting it too short to start. The final size of your headband will also depend on the elasticity of your hair ties.  I ended up using 17″ of ribbon with the final length of the ribbon 15″ after sewing.

To tie the hair ties together arrange them so that the metal pieces are facing the same direction. This will ensure that the metal pieces will be on the ends and concealed by the ribbon once we sew it together.

Overlap the elastics and reach through the left elastic to grab the metal side of the one on the right. (Following the photos is going to be a lot easier to do this as it’s hard to explain.  Don’t worry though, once you get it once you will be able to do it over and over.)

When you are pulling the elastics through one another they will look looped together with two knots.

Pull it tight so that there is a knot in the middle and the metal pieces are on each end.  These ends is where you will attach the ribbon.
To attach the ribbon, fold over one end about a half inch to conceal the raw edge of the ribbon.  Place the elastic at the edge of the ribbon and fold once more, concealing the elastic.

Hand or machine sew the ribbon in place.  I used my sewing machine and sewed the edge twice to be sure it was secure.

To double-check that the size of your ribbon is correct fold and pin the other side of the ribbon the same way you did the first, making a big loop.  I used a safety pin and then put the headband on to check it’s length and tightness.  I don’t like my headbands to be too tight, but I do like them to keep my hair back, so use your judgment.

Sew the other side of your ribbon shut to finish the headband.

It’s that easy!  I think I am going to make one in each color.  They are just so simple and fun for the summer.

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