Tutorial: Safety Pin Bracelet

by Sam

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This is another one of those projects that is incredibly simple and requires very few supplies.  You don’t need any previous jewelry making experience or other beading tools to make this bracelet.


Safety Pins
Seed Beads
Elastic Cord



I bought a value pack of safety pins for this project since I didn’t know how many I would actually need.  I ended up needing about 100 pins to make one bracelet.  I also used thin elastic, but I would recommend getting a thick elastic for more stability.

Start by opening up your pins and threading on your beads, then closing the pin.  Since I am using a multi-pack of small beads, I started by making sure they all fit and looked good on the pins.  This project would also look great with multi-colored seed beads of the same size.  The pack I used is a mix of black, white, and gray beads.

This step takes a little while as you will need about 100 pins, all with beads on them.

Once you have all 100 pins, start threading them onto your elastic.  Alternate threading them through the top and the bottom of the pins, making sure the beads are all facing the outside.

Once you’ve strung on all your pins, tie off the ends of the elastic.  I used two pins on either side and tied the ends of the elastic to them so that the rest wouldn’t slip off.  This is only temporary so that you can work with the bracelet during the next step.

Next, thread the elastic through the other side of each of the safety pins.  When you start threading you’ll start to notice the bracelet gaining stability.  When you get to the end cut the elastic and leave a small length to tie the ends together on each side.

Clip off the safety pins which were used to hold the rest in place.  Tie the ends in a knot on either side and clip off the ends of the elastic.

Your bracelet will be stretchy enough to get on your wrist but stable enough to stay put.

I like how the black and white colors will match almost everything, but I really want to use some rainbow beads on my next bracelet.  Have fun with this simple project!

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