Tutorial: Simple Necklace

by Sam

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Make a simple necklace in any color you would like. Mix different types of beads of the same size to create a cohesive look. Even if you’ve never tried beading before, this necklace is simple enough to complete easily.


Jewelry Pliers


Pearl Beads (6mm)
Crystal Bicone Beads (6mm)
Jump Rings (4mm)
Eye Pins (3/4″)

Gather your materials.  I used only two colors for this necklace, but you could use any assortment of colors or beads you would like.  6mm or 8mm beads work well.  I used a mix of pearls and bicone crystals and ended up needing about 24 of each type.

One bead will be used on each eye pin.  Thread on your bead and use your pliers to bend the pin at a 90 degree angle.

To make a loop, grasp the end of the pin with your pliers and twist.  This works best with round nose pliers.

Keep twisting until the end of the pin reaches around and touches the pin to make a loop.  (This may take some practice if you’ve never done it before.)

This is what your eye pin and bead will look like when you are done.  You want a loop on each end with a bead in the middle.

Repeat this process for both kinds of beads.  I used 24 of each bead for my necklace.

Next, hook them all together in a chain.  Using both sets of pliers, open a jump ring by twisting it (never pull it open, this will make it misshapen when you close it again.)

Loop on one of each of your beads and close the jump ring the same way you opened it.

This is the beginning of your chain.  I used jump rings in between my beads instead of just looping them through each other because the jump rings make the necklace move more fluidly.  This way, it doesn’t get tangles easily.

Continue with your jump rings and make a chain as long as you’d like your necklace.  Mine is quite long, so I didn’t need a clasp since it will just go over my head.  I may make a few more of these of different lengths so I can layer them as well.

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