Tutorial: Wine Cork Keychain

by Sam

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Using wine corks from your favorite bottles, create a fun key chain for yourself or a gift.  All you need is a few simple jewelry findings and some hooks from your hardware store.


Wine Corks
Key Rings
1-1/16″ Screw Eyes
15/32″ Screw Eyes
Beads & Charms
Eye Pins
Jump Rings
Glue (optional)


Jewelry Pliers

The screw eyes I used in this project were purchased at the hardware store.  They were $1 for each pack, making this project very inexpensive.  You could make 12 key chains with one pack of these.  The charms I used (the cluster or grapes and the cork screw) were purchased from Oriental Trading and come with many other charms that would be perfect for this project as well.

To start, screw one of the larger hooks into the top of the cork.  Be sure it is centered as it is going in.  If you’d like, apply some glue to the hook before you put it in to reinforce the hold.

Hook the key chain onto the top of the screw eye.

Next, screw one of the smaller screw eye hooks into the bottom of the cork, making sure it is centered as well.

Slip a bead onto an eye pin and bend the top over.  Clip it with your jewelry pliers if you need to (mine were too long.)

Bend the end of the pin over with your pliers to start your loop.

Bend your way down the pin towards your bead with the pliers until it is bent into a loop.

Attach your charms or beads to the bottom hook.  I used purple beads to represent grapes as well as the charms I mentioned above.

Use corks from meaningful dinners or winery visits (mine are from a trip to Napa Valley) to create a memorable gift to carry around with your keys.

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