Tutorial: Wire Wrapped Earrings

by Sam

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This project uses briolette beads and wire to create cute drop earrings.  This is a great project for jewelry making beginners as it requires just a few tools and materials.  It also allows you to practice wire-wrapping if you have never tried it before.


Jewelry Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters ( not pictured)


2 Briolette Beads
2 Earring Hooks

Gather your materials.  The two beads I used for these earrings are called Briolettes.  They are pear shaped and the hole is through the top of the bead.  Be sure that this is true for the beads you choose as well.  If the hole is cut vertically through the bead, instead of through the top like these, you will not be able to wrap them using this method.

Start by cutting a length of wire about 8″ long.  Depending on the size of your bead and how much you wrap you may need more or less wire.  Thread the wire through your bead leaving about 2 inches of wire.  Pinch the wire at the top of the bead as shown.

Twist the short end of your wire around the long on two or three times.

Using your wire cutters cut the short end off.  You now have just one strand of wire to work with.

Next, use your round nose pliers to create a loop at the top of your wire.  Begin twisting at the bottom of the loop.

It’s easiest to wrap when you are holding the bead with your pliers and twisting the wire around your bead.  Twist all the way down, as messy or as neat as you would like (I usually wrap mine so that they are slightly messy-looking).

When you have wrapped your bead as much as you would like, clip off the remaining wire and tuck it into the back.

Repeat this process for the other earring and attach both to earring hooks.  Super simple and a great way to practice wire wrapping!

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