Tutorial: Yarn Covered Monogram Letter

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This monogram letter is very simple to make and will look great in a craft room or family room.  Simply choose the letter that means the most to you to display in your home.  I also love projects like these because they use hardly any tools and materials but still look great.


Paper Mache Letter



These paper mache letters (I picked mine up at my local Joann, but they are also available online) are available in multiple sizes.  I used one that’s 8″ tall for my project.  Since S is my first initial, this is the letter I chose and the one I used for this tutorial.  I realized half way into the project that this is likely one of the more difficult letters to cover with yarn.  Whoops!  Letters with straight lines like A, E, F, H, etc. would be much more simple.  Letters with curves like B, C, J, S, etc. just require a bit more patience to get around the curves of the letters.

To start, we’re going to cover the two ends of the letter.  Tape one end of the yarn to the back of your letter facing up.

Begin wrapping close to the edge of the letter.  Wrap 4 of 5 times around.

Push the yarn to the very edge of the letter and continue wrapping.  Be careful the yarn doesn’t slide off the edge as you work with it.

Wrap the yarn in an X as shown.  Pull the yarn tight as you wrap and make sure you minimize the amount of bulkiness of this section.  You only really need to worry about the very edge of the letter, as everything else will be covered up when you wrap the rest of the letter.

When you’re done wrapping this edge, cut and tape the end of the yarn to the back of the letter.

Repeat the same process for the other edge of the letter.

To begin wrapping the entire letter, start on one edge of the S and tape the end of the yarn.  I worked from the skein of yarn so I don’t know how much yarn it actually takes, but it was definitely a bunch.  I definitely suggest working from the skein of yarn for this step.

As you wrap your yarn you’ll get a feel for how to work with it around the curves of the letter.  The yarn will be more dense on the inside edge than on the outside edge.

I found that it worked well to push the yarn at the inside edge together as I wrapped, to make more room.  I also overlapped a bit as I went around the corners, however make sure it’s not too obviously overlapped since you want it to look uniform.

While wrapping and moving around the letter to do so, be sure you don’t knock the yarn on the other side loose.  I did this about half way through and since it’s wrapped tightly, I couldn’t get it back on and had to redo the top section.

You may want to tape the top section to reinforce that it stays put.  Since most of it will be covered you can just wrap right over the tape.

When you get to the very end of the letter, weave your yarn through the back of the letter, pull tight, and snip it off.

You’re done!  I’d love to see one of these don’t with multi-colored yarn, as well as different types of yarns.  I think it would look great with a really thick, cozy yarn as well.  I also think that I may have to get a giant letter to cover since this one turned out so good and it was so simple.

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